Community Friends

Geoffs Runs chooses to support “Community Friends,” I recently stumbled across this organisation and I’m blown away by the amount of work they do with no help from the goodness of their heart. They have no reliance on govenerment or church funding, they have no paid staff. Below is a short description from the founder, Mark McDonnell.

They are currently raising funds to purchase some heavy-duty marquees to provide shelter during bad weather.


Community Friends is a registered, tax-deductible charity that supports the homeless and disadvantaged. We are primarily Brisbane based. However, clients come to us from outlying areas such as Ipswich, Caboolture and the Redlands.

Community Friends started in 2009 and has weekly food giveaways (every Wednesday) for 50 weeks of the year. We have over 200 people attend each week who collect around four days’ worth of food. We have no paid staff and receive no government or church funding.

Community Friends is a secular organisation, our clients have a range of beliefs (e.g. Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and Atheists) and diets (Meat eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans). On Wednesdays, we provide a hot meal (for everyone’s diet) and a range of food, including takeaway meals (for meat eaters and vegans), frozen food, frozen meals, meat, fruit and vegetables, milk, drinks, noodles, canned food, packaged food, bread, cakes and other bakery items. We also provide food packages seven days a week.

Mark McDonnell